Baron's Boneyard Voodoo Emporium


custom works of occult art/tools anything from dreamcatchers to wands, animal curio fetishes, oils, powders, incenses, charms, spell boxes, mojo dolls, and much more, contact me and contract me for a nominal fee

here is just a few examples of things I have made.

 due to the high custom-ability of my work I am currently unable to give pre-posted price quotes click here to inquire about your custom order  

 Spiritual Consulting

I don't feel comfortable charging for my opinion like some kind of "Miss Cleo" I will gladly give you my first glance impression and you can decide from there if my further help is worth your investment.   

 Local Spellwork

spells custom tailored to fit your needs, I am willing to do home exorcisms/blessings, uncrossings, hexes and curses(on a case by case basis), larger scale rituals, tarot readings, help with arranging your personal/communal altar and much more...

due to convenience issues my services in the spellwork department are usually confined to west Michigan and the surrounding areas...

why? Because spells of a personal nature are best done in person, and its near impossible to do home cleansings via the Internet...    

 Extenuating Circumstances

there are certain situational contexts in which I will do a spell or ritual long distance, what you ask? well if you feel that I am your best option, and that your case falls into the category of "Extenuating Circumstances" contact me, plead your case and ill make a decision...

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